Deaf Chick Hears for the First Time in Years! Cochlear Implant Activation Day
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Hey, y’all-

After decades of gradually declining hearing—including years when my audiologists declared my ears “dead” and urged me to consider a cochlear implant—I woke up one morning during a particularly stressful period to discover that the little bit of hearing in my slightly better (right) ear, on which I depended for any sound cues at all (with the help of the most powerful hearing aid available), had packed up in the night and fled the planet.

I made do for a couple of years more until living in silence destroyed my life, my ability to communicate and to listen to music, and the shreds of confidence I had left. In late 2018, a glorious surgeon (Dr. Yates) implanted a magnet in my skull (for the processor’s external attachment) and threaded 28 minuscule electrodes into my cochlea. A couple of weeks later, one of my darling audiologists, Wendy, turned that sucker on! Watch it happen right here…

I. Love. My. Doggggggs:

Proof that I can hold two opposing ideas in my mind simultaneously.

Do I like the smell of pee? Do I enjoy picking up pieces of poo or scraping channels of packed poo out of my tennis shoe treads with a toothpick? Does it feel good when a “power chewer” clamps his jaws on the middle of my hand when I’m simply trying to break up a vicious, 3 AM fight between two male puppies who both believe they are the Alpha? Does a bear shit in the master bathroom and wipe its ass with Charmin?

When I’m away from home, do I pine for six precious little puppy eyes? Do I adore doggie kisses even when they leave a schmear of shit-smell on my skin? Are MY dogs the cutest fur-babies in the entire known universe? Do I LOVE my dogs?? Does a bear shit in the woods?